So how do I know what running shoe is for me?

So after reading the first few blogs you are probably wondering, So how do I know what shoe I need? Which is a very important question since you are the one that is going to be doing the running.

The easiest way to know is if you have an over pronation What is a Pronate? then you will need a stability shoe.

If you have a neutral foot (runners who strike the floor with your heel, then while you roll towards the toes, your arch lightly collapse inward absorbing the impact) then you will need a neutral shoe.

Roguer Rundown

So to describe this a little bit, if when you stand up and look at your feet if you can visibly notice that you ankles are leaning inwards together then you have pronate just like me. About If you ankle is straight up and down or just slightly leaning inwards then you are a neutral shoe. Lastly, if you feet are leaning outwards away from each other you have an under pronation. Runners World

A better diagram maybe to help you see…

Runners Connect

So in case you forgot what the difference is please read my Stability shoe versus Neutral shoe blog post.

To conclude, the running shoe that you need is either a stability or neutral. Depending on if you have a pronate (stability shoe) or neutral foot (neutral shoe) will be the deciding factor in what shoe you will need so you can Run Happy! 

Make sure you read my next Blog post of what in the world is a “Midsole Drop” to make you look intelligent next time your out with your friends.


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