How to get over the jump of running for exercise and running for the pure joy?

So lets face it, the majority of people run for exercise as opposed to running for the pure joy. Although, surprisingly enough people do run for the pure joy. I am one of those runners who run for the pure joy because I got over that hump of just running for exercise to running for the pure joy. About. I know running is great for exercise but there is still the advantage of running for the pure joy as well.

There is nothing like running down a crowded street and having people look at you and wish they could have the mentality or physical attributes of you to run. When people drive by you and they look at you with a sense of jealousy wishing they could do that it makes you feel great. The key to getting over the hump is your mentality when you run. How you become Passionate about Running?.

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A few options to  try to start running for the pure joy:

1.) Run Without any gadgets. Life Hacker

2.) Switch up the route or try trails. Life Hacker

3.) Compete with friends or family or even strangers.

4.) Run a race.

5.) Do not over due the running. Runners World.

Running Quotes

Don’t think about it as a “have to” think about it as a “want to”. Run because its fun and relaxing and inspirational or just don’t think at all and Run Happy! 

Stay tuned for my next blog “Does weight matter in a shoe?”. This will be an interesting topic because many people have different views on it. See what my view is by reading my next blog!


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